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My Passion for Transformation

Here I am, creating my very first blog post on my own website and I can’t express how monumental this is for me.

I first began painting furniture in order to furnish my daughter’s nursery. As new parents on a single income, our budget for furniture was scarce, to say the least. I did what many people do who can’t afford new furniture in stores; scoured Craigslist and marketplace for used items.

I love beautiful things. Who doesn’t love a room decorated and styled to make an Insta-worthy pic? I realized rather quickly that there was no way I would be able to find furniture that matched perfectly, as wood tones varied and so did the construction. What is an easy way to make things match? Color is an instant way to integrate different styles and forms. The same shade of white on several pieces of furniture makes them seem like they belong together.

So I bought my first can of paint, Annie Sloane, and painted my first pieces of furniture. I was able to create a nursery for my daughter that I could be proud of. I slowly began to replace our nonexistent and old furniture with painted pieces as well. Our dining room table and chairs were my first large project. Thus began my gradual fall into the world of refurbishing and refinishing.

When I ran out of furniture that we needed for ourselves, I decided that I would take furniture people wanted to get rid of, give them a makeover, and then sell them on Craigslist. The extra money was much needed and it gave me a sense of purpose that was outside of my family. So this is my modest beginning in the world of furniture painting. It started as practical and evolved into what it is presently, which is a form of self expression melded into functionality.

Everyone needs furniture; we need a table to sit at and eat from, a chair to relax, a desk to work from, shelves to hold our belongings, and beds to sleep. Beyond the practical application, it also gives us pleasure to look at a beautiful piece and admire its craftsmanship. Aesthetics gives practicality a higher meaning. There is a sense of emotional attachment that occurs when you see something that brings you pleasure. It could be a form of love, you might say. I started trying to make pleasing furniture.

As I began to find my own perspective and style, I also discovered what evoked my passions. I now put my passion into the pieces I transform. I don’t like to limit myself stylistically or try to specialize in anything, though I enjoy honing my techniques. I allow my inspiration to be at the forefront and grow from there. It’s the creative process that gives me fulfillment and satisfaction. I know not all my pieces will be well-received or loved but as long as it evokes strong feelings from one person then I am satisfied.

I have been blessed to work with a wide range of products and materials that allow me to experiment with looks and design. There are a wider variety products for diy then ever before and it can be confusing as to what products are best for certain looks and techniques. This is why I love sharing my own experiences and showing how I achieve a look, so that the viewer or reader can gain some insight without having to go through the frustration. I believe that art is meant to be shared and that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

I am extremely grateful for the support of my family in this new endeavor as I enter a world I never knew existed just a couple of years ago. I discover more about myself everyday through creativity and expression. Being creative makes me to be a better person in every way. I have made many mistakes along the way but there have been many successes as well. As I continue to learn and evolve, I am honored to share my journey with all of you and I hope to give you a new perspective on furniture and its possibilities as a canvas with practical purpose.

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