All About Moulds and Applying Them to Furniture and Decor

If you love ornate furniture pieces like I do, and finding them is difficult or near impossible in your area, the next best thing is to create your own raised details for a piece with your own custom design. It immediately adds beauty onto an otherwise plain piece. There are many kinds of moulds available out there. I always recommend purchasing ones made out of silicone or rubber material as they are easiest to use and durable.

Redesign with prima has many kinds of moulds available with all kinds of styles. Here are just a few from my own collection.

With all of these gorgeous designs to choose from the possibilities are endless.

There are many products you can use to make appliqués from the moulds.

  1. Paperclay
  2. Modeling material
  3. Hot Glue
  4. Resin
  5. Bondo
  6. Caulk

Paperclay is probably the most popular material to use for moulds and it air dries so you don’t need to bake it. It’s fairly cheap to purchase and can be found in all craft stores. It is perfect for aged and weathered looks as it tends to crack as it dries and there is a bit of shrinkage. A better alternative is modeling material from redesign with prima as it’s not sticky, feels more like putty, and dries rock hard.

My personal favorite material to use for moulds is Amazing Casting Resin. I have several reasons as to why it is my favorite: hardens in 10 minutes, durable, no shrinkage, amazing detail, flexible within minutes of casting, pop in microwave to make it pliable, can create custom colors by mixing with mica powders, and easy to use.

Video where I use resin and mica powders to cast moulds/

Before using the moulds makes sure they are clean and dry. You can spray some WD-40 or rub some oil inside the mould to make it easier to pop out the appliqués once they have hardened. Some people like to dust it with some cornstarch as well. I glue on my appliqués using e6000, wood glue or gorilla glue. Set some weight on top of the appliqués as the glue dries like hardback books or use clamps. You can paint them using whatever DIY paint you like. I love rubbing some decor wax over them after I paint them for a glamorous look.

Use as many different materials you can for moulds and discover your own favorite products. Create your own ornate projects with them to make your own stunning designs.