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Raised Stencils on Furniture

Raised stencils are the perfect 3D designs for creating dimension and depth on a surface. They are one of my favorite techniques to use when I want to make a surface more interesting. I love creating interesting textures to contrast with different finishes. There are many ways to go about creating raised stencils and a wide array of products you can use as well.

Here is a video demonstrating a raised stencil using redesign with prima’s 3D stencil called Distressed Lace and Finnabair art extravagance icing paste in silver.

The thicker the stencil, the better the raised effect will be on the surface. I love redesign with prima’s 3D stencils because they are made of a thick material that is perfect for raised stenciling. Thinner stencils can still work but the raising will be less dramatic. I always spray a remounting adhesive onto the back of the stencil prior to stenciling so that it stays in place and you get clean lines without bleed through. I use a plastic putty knife to smear on the material for the raised stencil.

Oval Ceramic Rose Cabinet

I’ve also used redesign with prima’s stencil fiber paste for stenciling. It’s a thick and creamy paste that you can mix with some paint to create texture. It comes in white so you can add color yourself with whatever you choose. You can also add color on top of the paste when it dries, which is what I did with this design.

I used a texture paste in gold crackle for the video above. As the paste dries, it crackles. To stop the crackling process and to prevent too much flaking, apply a sealant.

Other products you can use for raised stencils are spackling, joint compound, chalk paste, molding paste, plaster paste, wood filler and other texture pastes. You can create your own texture paste with products like dixie belle sea spray and salt wash. It’s a powder you add to paint that thickens the paint for texture. I’ve heard of people using plaster of paris in paint to create texture but I haven’t done that myself.

It’s very easy to create raised stencils for your own 3D effects. The possibilities are endless so experiment and find your own unique take on raised stenciling.

2 thoughts on “Raised Stencils on Furniture

  1. I just love how your demonstrations show the care and attention you give to each detail in your art. Great tutorial, thank you.

  2. What is the name of the stencil you used on the raised stencil with mutiple color?
    Thank you for your blogs on stenciling and mounds. I actually took notes down on your info.
    Your work is beautiful!

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