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I’m in Love with a Furniture Flipper

Ask & Answered with Joe

They are our other halves; the ones who first believed in us before we became known in groups and local selling forums. Sometimes they are the muscles behind the operation; the ones doing the heavy lifting, stripping, and sanding. For those of us with significant others who put up with our constant hoard of furniture, supplies, and staging items, we know it takes a team to be able to keep our business afloat.

I thought it would be fun to do an interview with my behind the scenes wingman, and biggest supporter. We are often the ones in the limelight but they are the ones who have seen the good and bad behind the perfect photos and accolades. What is it like to live with a furniture flipper? Let’s hear from the other side. Meet my husband Joe who has graciously tolerated my short interview.

1) What is the craziest thing I’ve ever had you pick up? 

-There have been so many it’s hard to recount! Before our current SUV, our only vehicle was my ’99 Jetta, making it difficult to pick up anything larger than a coffee table. One item that still sticks out is our current living room TV stand. It’s a uniquely beautiful, yet oddly-shaped stand that didn’t come close to fitting in my car. With a little ingenuity and a lot of luck, I was able to get it strapped down with a ratchet strap and rope. Nearly 90 percent of the piece was sticking out and it was 10 miles to get home. Needless to say, I drove very slow on empty back roads. Thankfully, it made it home in one piece!

2) What is your favorite piece I have done and why?

-This is also difficult, as every piece you’ve created has its own unique quality. There are so many variables into what resonates with me: sometimes I love something you created because it matches my own style, other times I love something you made because of its sheer eclectic nature and artistic beauty.

If I were a customer looking to purchase a piece for my home, I would get the buffet. I love its distinctive shape and warm earth tones. I especially love the use of the written word as a design element. As a writer and lover of the written word that is something I find striking. I also really love your latest faux marble top end table. With its intricate vintage carving, the piece itself was already beautiful. However, with the colors you chose and the realness of the faux marble, that is one of my favorites as well.

3) What would your dream home look like?

-When it comes to a home, I’ve never really focused on interior design or decor, because I’m horrible at that. I’ve always wanted a home with lots of trees, land, a large wrap-around porch and my own office/study with floor to ceiling bookshelves. I prefer more traditional over modern and would want lots of space to store your never-ending furniture and staging supplies!

4) What is it like to live with an artist?

-It’s amazing. As a writer myself, I love all forms of creativity. I especially admire artists, as that’s something I’m not particularly adept at doing myself. It’s inspiring to see your style of creativity as it fuels me to continue with my own. Creativity is what adds spice to life; without it, the world would be a dull and uninteresting place. Although, to be honest, I’m not a fan of the mess that comes with paint and brushes everywhere 🙂

5) How has your view of furniture changed?

-It’s completely changed. Before, furniture was only utilitarian to me; something to sit on, storage, or to place things upon. Now, because of you, I see furniture as functional works of art. Not only can it serve its intended practical purpose but it can be something totally unique and imaginative. When someone buys a piece of your furniture, they’re not only buying furnishing for their home, they’re also buying a piece of your artistic soul.

Lord knows I’ve put this man through a lot and without him I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you babe for putting up with sudden stops to pick up a curbside find, ever changing interior decor, and visiting strange homes at all times of the day for that one special piece I must have to paint.

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