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Floral Flamboyance Dresser

I’m calling this one my Floral Flamboyance Dresser. She was quite a challenge for me, to say the least because I drew so many blanks during the process of creating her. Inspiration doesn’t immediately come to me with every piece and with some pieces I have to grit my teeth and just persevere without knowing how it will look in the end.

It’s like a jig-saw as I fit the elements piece by piece and only know the full picture when I am done. This is a dresser I repainted because it never sold. It was originally white with some gold accents. I was going for a modern and luxe look at the time but it has stopped giving me joy now so I decided to give her another makeover.

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My Passion for Transformation

Here I am, creating my very first blog post on my own website and I can’t express how monumental this is for me.

I first began painting furniture in order to furnish my daughter’s nursery. As new parents on a single income, our budget for furniture was scarce, to say the least. I did what many people do who can’t afford new furniture in stores; scoured Craigslist and marketplace for used items.

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