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Watering Can Makeover with Moulds and Patina

Gardening season is definitely here and what better way to bring style and pizzaz to your gear then decorating your watering can? I love vintage and antique watering cans. The metal body and cute nozzles delight me. I decided to give my vintage watering can a makeover using the new redesign with prima mould called Vintage Roots. The mould has various vegetable shapes like a carrot, beet, mushroom and radish.

Redesign with prima Vintage Roots Mould

I made my mouldings out of casting resin as it is durable and I like the sharp details it captures. I glued the moulds onto the watering can using e6000. The mouldings are flexible when you take them out of the mould immediately after it sets. I taped down the moulds so that they curved around the watering can’s body. The glue takes about an hour to dry. After I removed the tape, I painted them using finnabair’s patina pastes.

Finnabair Patina Paste

The patina pastes come in brass, a bright blue, and mint green which is the color of verdigris. I painted them first using brass. After it has dried, I applied the bright blue and green by dabbing it on erratically with a small brush onto the mouldings to mimic real verdigris. The paste dries permanent but if you want you can seal with poly acrylic for extra protection. Cute, fun, and quick, it’s an easy project you can do with your kids or just yourself to make your watering can extra special.

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