About Our Artistic Boho Furniture Online Store


A one woman show propelled by the urge for creative expression and practical use. Furniture and decor is what makes our homes inhabited while reflecting our personal aesthetic. It can create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort or dynamism. I want to create original pieces that only you own and isn’t mass produced so that you can make your home truly unique.

I am a stay at home mom to a beautiful girl and baby boy. You may see her photo bomb some of my pics. I also have two unruly dogs and a partner who helps me pick up furniture pieces at all hours of the day and transports my pieces to their new homes. I work in my studio to create innovative designs and unconventional styles. I have a special fondness for antique furniture. I love to modernize it a bit with contemporary trends so that it lives another life and story instead of being neglected or hauled to the dump.

I love the idea of furniture having a history. I imagine what kind of life it led and the family it served. I dislike the cheap sparseness of modern furniture and how it has become generic. It’s my passion to create. It’s cathartic for me and gives me a sense of self within domestic life. I want to create pieces that will be loved and cherished for another lifetime.

Every client who buys a piece of my work holds a special place in my heart. I’m humbled that it was chosen out of the thousands that could have been picked. I don’t have a particular style that I adhere to when painting. I allow the piece to inspire me without any sort of method in mind. This makes my work eclectic which I hope means inclusive to everyone. Thank you for having an interest in my work.

Please go to my Etsy page to purchase my works.