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Redesign with Prima’s Summer Release

When I saw the new redesign with prima’s summer release products, I was over the moon. It has diversity, variety of styles, and improved quality. There’s no doubt redesign with prima is innovative and listens to their consumers. As a brand ambassador, I have the privilege of trying all of their products. Having been with them for 3 years, I have seen the beginning and the evolution of their products over time. They offer the most rub on transfers from any company out there and it just keeps getting better and better. I’m proud to be a part of their team that is also a small, woman owned business that supports many minorities. It’s reflected in their designs of the products.

I worked tirelessly for a month straight to complete 8 pieces for the release. That’s how much I loved the transfers. I could see each one fitting a certain piece and the style that I could create for the transfer and decoupage papers. The part I was most excited about was being able to reflect my Asian heritage and culture. My parents are from Taiwan so I have Chinese and Japanese influence in my heritage. There is a lot of symbolic designs used like the crane, other birds, nature, and flowers. You might have seen the black lacquered furniture with pagodas, birds, fisherman, and elegant court ladies painted that is typical of Chinese furniture.

I love chinoiserie art and the transfer Postal Birds from immediately brought that to my mind. Not only was I inspired by the Asian like designs, I also love the nursery and baby themed transfers. I have a one year old son so that was a perfect reason to redo his furniture. My daughter is 3 and the butterfly dance transfer was a big hit with her. She asked me to paint her dresser and use that transfer.

In Asian cultures the crane represents good health, longevity, truth and fidelity. To be compared to the crane was the highest compliment. It is said a crane lives a thousand years.According to Japanese legend, folding a thousand paper cranes results in one wish. Most famous to undertake this challenge was Sadako Sasaki who at 2 year olds was exposed to atomic radiation from the bombing of Hiroshima. As a twelve-year-old girl she was diagnosed with leukemia. Suffering from the deadly disease, she learned the ancient tradition about the 1,000 paper cranes called senbazuru. Inspired to follow the legend, Sadako folded paper cranes in her hospital bed, praying for world peace. She managed to fold 644 cranes before passing away within the year. Touched by Sadako, her classmates folded the rest of the 364 paper cranes and buried all 1000 with her.

Following her death, a statue of her was erected at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in remembrance of all the innocent lives taken by war. Today, her memory serves as a symbol of hope and her story continues to inspire people to wish for a better future. One of peace, love, happiness, healing, and community. During this turbulent time when there is so much division and anger, when I see these cranes, I think of Sadako and her wish for world peace. I think of how much better the world would be if we were all folding a thousand paper cranes together in harmony.

I was inspired to go bold, using many different colors on all of my furniture pieces. I did a classic black to boho, fantasy, metallics. I wanted to show all the different kinds of styles that the transfers and decoupage papers can create. Redesign with prima decoupage papers are the easiest decoupage papers you’ll find. No worries about bubbling, tearing, wrinkling with these sturdy papers. They are more fibrous and like dryer sheets in texture. I have used spray adhesive, gesso, modge podge, and top coats to apply them. They allow you to use a variety of products without worry of botching up your decoupage. The new designs are amazing and so versatile. You can find the new products and other redesign with prima products here

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How to Use and Apply Transfers

If you’re familiar with my work already, you will have noticed that I use a lot of transfers from redesign with prima. I have the great honor of being one of their brand ambassadors so I get to play with their vast array of transfer designs regularly. Transfers are images that you can rub onto another surface so it transfers the image from one surface to another.

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Floral Flamboyance Dresser

I’m calling this one my Floral Flamboyance Dresser. She was quite a challenge for me, to say the least because I drew so many blanks during the process of creating her. Inspiration doesn’t immediately come to me with every piece and with some pieces I have to grit my teeth and just persevere without knowing how it will look in the end.

It’s like a jig-saw as I fit the elements piece by piece and only know the full picture when I am done. This is a dresser I repainted because it never sold. It was originally white with some gold accents. I was going for a modern and luxe look at the time but it has stopped giving me joy now so I decided to give her another makeover.

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