Glass Bead Gel Stenciling

I’ve used many products for raised stenciling but my new infatuation is with glass bead gel. Glass bead gel is a paste that is formed with microscopic glass beads to give you a unique texture for any type of medium. The one I use specifically is from Modern Masters Inc. The technique for applying it…

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Raised Stencils on Furniture

Raised stencils are the perfect 3D designs for creating dimension and depth on a surface. They are one of my favorite techniques to use when I want to make a surface more interesting. I love creating interesting textures to contrast with different finishes. There are many ways to go about creating raised stencils and a…

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Floral Flamboyance Dresser

I’m calling this one my Floral Flamboyance Dresser. She was quite a challenge for me, to say the least because I drew so many blanks during the process of creating her. Inspiration doesn’t immediately come to me with every piece and with some pieces I have to grit my teeth and just persevere without knowing…

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