I have been selling painted furniture online for 5 years nationwide and more recently internationally. During that time, I have learned the pitfalls and mistakes as well as what works as far as generating furniture sales. I keep seeing others report the same problem, that they cannot sell their furniture locally as they used to a few years ago. The market has changed and there is more local competition. You barely get any views on the marketplace for your listings. Value for painted furniture had decreased with the influx of more refinished furniture. Furniture that used to sell within a few days is taking months. 

The market for refinished furniture has indeed changed. There is more painted furniture being sold and more new furniture flippers every day. What you used to rely on a few years ago is not effective now. You must change your business model or your sales will keep decreasing. Making furniture flipping your career takes hard work and investing in marketing to get your furniture seen. How do you start? I am here to teach you how.

Why join a subscription group? It is about the quality of information you are getting. Sure you can ask questions about furniture sales in free groups but what is the result? You will get about 50% comments from people in the same situation looking for answers and the remainder being conflicting advice with mixed results. You do not have to paint a certain style or colors to sell furniture successfully. That is a common fallacy I see in many groups. You need to create your own personalized business model that maximizes the resources you have in order to find the customers who want your style of work. Stop trying to please everyone and stretching yourself too thin or compromising on what you want to paint.

In my workshop, you will get valuable information that will help you take your business to another level. You won’t need to rely on local sales and be boxed into what styles sell. The secret is setting yourself apart by creating quality furniture. You can paint what you’ve been wanting to rather than what is the trend at the moment. Being a business owner means that you need to wear many hats. If only selling furniture was as simple as painting it and listing it on the market. Unless you want to keep boosting your listings on marketplace in hopes that it receives more views which don’t always convert into sales, learn how to reach a bigger market. 

You will learn how to:

  • Sell online using various platforms.
  • How to run the right ad campaigns.
  • Using your following to generate sales.
  • Shipping furniture 
  • Creating attractive sales ads
  • Custom order contracts
  • Customer Service
  • Building a shop website

This is only the tip of the iceberg. If you are serious about running a furniture business, this workshop will help you accelerate your business towards success. Be your own boss and gain the confidence to make sales for a better profit. Stop listening to confusing advice and trying to figure out what actually works. You can start earning 30k or more a year from now. Implementing the information I give you will take out the confusion about effective furniture selling methods. Begin your journey to build your own furniture selling a business the right way.

Do you have questions about this Furniture Business Workshop? Please contact me via eclatdesignsbycrystin

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DSC_2178About Crystin

Crystin is a stay-at-home mom to two young children who has transformed her dream of running a successful furniture business into a reality. She specializes in high-end furniture that is highly sought out and takes on custom work selectively. Her passion is using creative products to produce imaginative furniture pieces.

She is self-taught and has created her own techniques which she loves sharing with other furniture refinishers. She believes that you don’t have to flip a ton of furniture pieces in order to make money that provides enough for yourself and your family. Quality over quantity is her motto. She has learned over the years how to set up a business where you can be selective on what you would like to produce so that you can fulfill your artistic needs with monetary gain.

She has created her own unique brand and looks forward to sharing all of the knowledge she has learned with you so that you can avoid mistakes that take up your time inefficiently and fast-track your business sustainably. Turn your passion into a reality so you can do what you love every day.

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