Do you have out-dated furniture that’s in great condition but just needs a new look?

I can help you give your home a new style by refinishing or restoring your furniture to give it the refreshed look it needs. It’s much more economical than replacing your furniture with questionable, mass production quality pieces.

The cost to refinish wood furniture is influenced by factors such as the size of the item, the condition of the furniture, the type of finish that is being removed, and the type and matching of the new finish.

For example, with wood furniture, there are two main steps required: stripping the furniture to clean off the old finish and then refinishing it to apply the new finish.

The hourly rate is $100 per hour when the service is charged hourly in addition to materials.

However, I can charge a flat rate:
A basic dining room chair strip and refinish will cost between $200-$400.
A basic five drawer dresser strip and refinish will cost between $500-$1000.
A basic coffee table strip and refinish will cost between $300-$500.

I do require that the furniture be transported to my residence but I can help you with transportation and delivery services. A contract will be reviewed before the undertaking of any project.

Contact me for an estimate and more details to get custom furniture you’ve been dreaming about.