Furniture Sellers’ Workshop

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Hello furniture artists!

Do you want to make more money with your furniture art? Have you been thinking about making that jump into selling on Etsy? Now is the time!

After years of combined experience, we are thrilled to bring you a creative business-minded group that will give you all the essentials and more you will need to be successful. Our private Facebook group will be used for training and creating a community. It’s become increasingly more difficult to sell locally and rely on platforms like Facebook marketplace where it’s full of ads. In order to compete with other local sellers, you have to have competitive prices that undersell your work. The solution is to expand your horizons and start selling on other platforms like Etsy and eBay where you can offer shipping and get a nationwide customer base. It’s simple math: more viewers equals more sales. Raise your prices for double or triple what you are listing locally. Build your brand so that you get more recognition and loyal customers. Learn the tricks of the trade and information that will set you apart from other furniture sellers.

We are guiding you to go beyond flea market flips and other bargain furniture tactics. We teach you how to transform your business into a professional brand that people will recognize and spend money on rather than garage sale prices and local market value for furniture pieces. You work hard on your furniture so why should you be pricing it at the same of lower prices of mass-produced furniture sold on IKEA, Wayfair, Overstock, and other online stores that require assembly on top of cheap materials. Use quality pieces that stand the test of time and market it for what it’s worth as if new.  Do you think that your furniture isn’t good enough or that you’ll never achieve the catalog photos of furniture you see? We’re here to prove you wrong. Your potential is limitless. You can do all of that as long as you get expert coaching to steer you in the right direction. 

Learning from the best in the industry rather than bargain flippers will change your business dramatically. Our members are making profits they never knew they could and kicking themselves at how low they sold their furniture for on craigslist and marketplace. They are earning triple what they priced locally. Those curbside pieces you get for free may not actually be worth the investment to repair and flip. Learn how to pay for quality pieces you don’t need to spend hours prepping and repairing to make a profit. Save yourself the hassle and effort on what actually makes you money at a decent hourly rate of $100 per hour.

“I have to say, I sold 24 pieces in January all from the marketplace and in the 5 weeks that my Etsy store has been open I have almost doubled what I made in January from 6 pieces. SIX! If it wasn’t for your coaching Crystin and Roz I would never gotten out of my comfort zone to learn how to ship and to raise my prices! So THANK YOU.” -Michele

It takes a lot of factors to build a successful business like social media, SEOs, hashtags, photography, staging, descriptions, and much more. We offer our expertise and insight as top furniture sellers. You can make $36,000 – $60,000 in a year if you utilize all of the guidance we give you as well as support from other serious furniture sellers like you. You can learn it on your own but why waste years of trial and error when you can get all the information you need here that will fast track you towards success. It’s about quality, not quantity. You don’t need to flip 20 pieces a month in order to make a comfortable profit. 

Will will cover topics such as:

  • What tools you need
  • How to market
  • Shipping
  • Etsy
  • And more!

We give you valuable information like invoice templates and custom furniture contracts to use. We teach you how to deal with situations that you may encounter like damages to furniture during shipping, how to handle difficult clients, what customers are looking for, the latest trends, what kind of furniture is popular, what kind of furniture will generate a higher profit margin, and so much more that you may not have thought about which is important to understand.

Learn how to decipher the confusing numbers and statistics to figure out what it means and how you can use the information to improve in the areas you need to. Learn where to invest your money so you don’t waste it on needless ads and facebook boosts for your listings. Create a business model that will run itself in a couple of years so you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying your success. Stop working yourself into the ground trying to flip 20 pieces so you can make a couple of thousand dollars each month. You deserve more. Start earning more than minimum wage flipping furniture.

What are you waiting for?  Join us today and turn your dreams into profit!

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“Crystin was the one who encouraged me to set up an Etsy Shoppe. I was reluctant for several reasons. First I didn’t think my furniture was good enough; 2. I did not understand shipping; 3. Etsy was confusing. 
Crystin Min put instructions for each step on her page and it made it so much easier. Now that she and 
Roz Robertson have this group with all the information, there is no reason for anyone NOT to sell on Etsy. It really has made all the difference in my business.” – Judy
“Another Etsy piece sold. This time within about 72 hours of posting!  To think, without this group I would still be fighting to try to sell on marketplace for bottomed out prices.  Thank you Crystin, Roz, and Judy for your guidance in both this group and Thrive!” -Ashley

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“Sold on etsy…$1000! I’m in a little bit of shock now that the sales are happening. 3rd sale in 3 weeks!”- Emily

About Us


Crystin is a stay-at-home mom to two young children who has transformed her dream of running a successful furniture business into a reality. She specializes in high-end furniture that is highly sought out and takes on custom work selectively. Her passion is using creative products to produce imaginative furniture pieces.

She is self-taught and has created her own techniques which she loves sharing with other furniture refinishers. She believes that you don’t have to flip a ton of furniture pieces in order to make money that provides enough for yourself and your family. Quality over quantity is her motto. She has learned over the years how to set up a business where you can be selective on what you would like to produce so that you can fulfill your artistic needs with monetary gain.

She has created her own unique brand and looks forward to sharing all of the knowledge she has learned with you so that you can avoid mistakes that take up your time inefficiently and fast-track your business sustainably. Turn your passion into a reality so you can do what you love every day.


Roz grew up with a paintbrush in her hand, creating art in any way possible on any medium. Her creativity naturally evolved to painting furniture over 10 years ago when her need for an affordable alternative arose for her home, while also providing an outlet for her creative energy. Always keen to explore and grow in the field, Roz finds new exciting techniques and products, striving to capture her creative ideas to share with others.

When Roz does not have a paintbrush in her hand, she is enjoying downtime with her family and dogs. She is a lover of nature and draws inspiration from being outdoors. Examples of Roz’s work can be found on her Facebook page or on Instagram.

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