Floral Kitchen Cart/Island/Beverage Station

Beautiful rolling kitchen cart or island with locking caster wheels. Give yourself extra counter space while elevating your kitchen with this elegant cabinet. The blended hues of blues, grays, and whites gives it a dreamy look. Floral designs on the front and back.

It has ample storage to hide your kitchen gadgets and tools. Use it as a beverage cart as well and serve your guests with ease. It has a dark walnut stained top that’s been sealed for durability. All four wheels lock to make it easy to stay in place. One pull out drawer and two adjustable bottom shelves. Made of solid wood.

30W x 16D x 35.5H

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Floral Jewelry Armoire/Box/Organizer/ Case/Cabinet

Part of my Josephine collection featuring florals against a soft gray, this wood jewelry armoire is the perfect gift for her. Painted the lightest of grays, purple flowers and gold accents make for a delicate design. It features a flip up mirror, five drawers, and two opening doors where necklaces can be hung on small hooks. Green velvet lines the interior. This unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry armoire is the perfect organizer and statement piece.

8.5D x 13.5W x 37H

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Antique Music Sheet Cabinet (sold)


This gorgeous Edwardian/Victorian music sheet cabinet has been lovingly restored and reinvigorated. The beautiful mahogany shines luminously and artistic gold stenciling adds a little bit of extra elegance to this already beautiful piece. Extremely versatile, it can be used for numerous organizational purposes.

If you’re a music lover, it can store music books, sheets, records, and other music items. The swinging file drawer makes your items instantly accessible. Original velvet lined shelves behind the glass door are quaintly labeled: sacred, songs, and various. Swap out the labels for your own personalized categories or keep the original charm. You can remove the shelves for storing larger items.

It has a beveled mirror on the top. Use it as a sophisticated minibar or whatever type of cabinet you need for your home. It’s a rare find that will bring Victorian majesty to any space it’s placed. This piece will never be outdated or old fashioned in its timeless elegance.

18W x 15.5D x 49.5H

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Korean Kitchen Cabinet/Hutch

My Nightingale is an early 19th Century antique Korean kitchen two section cabinet, chest or hutch. The interior has been restored to its original condition. This three tiered cabinet has folding lattice doors with antique Korean locks on each ring pull. The hand-forged iron hardware has been gilded with gold.

Made of Keyaki hardwood (elm) master craftsmanship was used in its assembly. Meticulous grooves and joints hold it together without the use of nails. It fits together like a complex puzzle that is extraordinary in its intricacy. Baltic birch was used to replace the broken panels. A bottom cabinet provides ample storage behind the swinging doors.

It has been painted with inspiration from Korean culture and art in mind so that even though it’s updated, it is a nod to tradition. Traditional Korean furniture often features hardware in the shape of butteries so I added gold butterflies to the design. In Korean culture, butterflies symbolize happiness, contentment, and harmony in the family. Butterflies and flowers are often depicted together in Korean art. The addition of birds makes the design whimsical and reflective of the Korean appreciation for nature.

I used the color blue because the color blue is associated with the element wood and the direction East. In the Korean flag, blue symbolizes eum or yin, which is cool, feminine energy. Eum energy is associated with the moon and is passive, yielding and receptive. Blue is balanced by red in the Korean flag. While red represents the passionate energy of life, blue represents its opposite, death. Traditionally red is associated with fire and the southern direction. Red is symbolized by yang energy, which represents masculine energy, the sun and the life force.

Every aspect of this chest has been carefully chosen and full of symbolic meaning. This is a storage piece that is functional and yet and art piece. You will never see another one of its like anywhere else. It’s full of history and ready for a new chapter to add to its already full book.

16D x 41W x 67H

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Black & Gold Dresser/Credenza/Media Console/Sideboard/Buffet (sold)



This vintage dresser/credenza/media console/sideboard/buffet is made by B.P. John Furniture Company. Long and sleek, it features ample storage in a modern design. It has been painted to give it a modern and luxurious look. Bright, soft, gold, original hardware and granite tiles on the top give it an upscale feel.

It has nine drawers on metal sliders for smooth opening and closing. The pitch black is contrasted by gold to give it depth and a richness seldom found in contemporary furniture. It’s luxurious and will instantly give your home a high end vibe.

A bold, statement piece that can’t be ignored, it won’t be going out of style anytime soon. It can also be used as a credenza/ media console, entryway cabinet/ foyer storage/ bathroom vanity/ bar or it can also serve as a buffet to hold plates of food for gatherings when you host parties. The granite top makes it durable and easy to clean.

73L x 19D x 30.5H

Painted Waterfall Vanity/Makeup Desk

Part of my Josephine collection, which features a floral-inspired celebration of feminine softness. This art deco waterfall vanity has been transformed into a bouquet of loveliness. This is the perfect gift for her to make it a moment you will both always remember.

Soft grey is the perfect base for the pastel colored flowers. An ornate mirror reflects the background. The waterfall curves make it streamlined and a curvaceous statement piece. The sides have a raised, white floral pattern with bits of pastel color popping up. A faux, mosaic tile on the top gives it further intricacy. Every inch catches the eye and imagination. Four drawers provide storage. Gold pulls and cut crystal knobs compliment beautifully with the design. This is the vanity of your girlhood dreams. Don’t let it pass you by.

18D x 44.5W x 70H

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Romantic Antique Buffet/Sideboard/Credenza (sold)


Meet Madame Bovary, a romantic antique buffet who is a refined and elegant lady stuck in a provincial town. She longs to be in a grander place where she can be admired and loved. From afar, she appears to be beige with a walnut stained top and legs. As you approach closer, the fine details become more apparent. You’ll notice the script on the drawer fronts are quotes from inspirational people. The white rose with a bee and clock on the left side. White peonies flourish on the right.

She has two large storage areas and two ample drawers. Her ornate, gold ring pulls shine richly in the light. Like an Impressionist painting, there is an interplay of colors beneath the beige. Hints of rose, water drop blue, dusty plum, and sand create an interesting surface. Bring the romance of a French novel into your home and be transported to another time and place. Made of solid wood construction and dove tail joints.

20D x 58.5W x 38.5H

Butterflies, Birds, and Blooms End Tables

Gorgeous pair of painted end tables that celebrates nature and spring with cherry blossoms, butterflies, and birds. These ornate accent tables have been refinished in a base of pale blue and given a pearlescent sheen. Made out of solid wood, they feature a wrought iron work and scroll top covered with glass.

The beautiful legs have delicate designs all around and the moulding has been given a shimmery pinkish purple iridescence. Fancy script covers the top and bottom to add an old world grace. The sides are covered with spring blossoms in pink and white. It’s an elegant pair of matching tables that would add a grand and feminine charm to any living room or bedroom. Absolutely stunning at any angle, these tables are a work of art with practical sensibility. These wonderful statement pieces are guaranteed to bring spring vitality into your home. Can be sold separately.

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Lullaby Dresser (sold)

A sweet and enchanting dresser, chest of drawers, or low boy painted in dreamy pastels of pink, blue, greens, and gold. This antique dresser is made to bring delight into any home. It has brass pulls and glass knobs, 3 ample drawers for storage, and has been painted with no VOC chalk paint so that it is child safe. The top has a beautiful butterfly design that has been sealed for long lasting durability. Wood appliqués were added to give it more intricacy and beauty. It would be perfect for a nursery or bedroom needing soft accent colors that don’t overwhelm. It’s made out of solid wood with dove tail joints, and sliding drawers.

18.75D x 37W x 32H

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