It is decadent, resplendent, and magical like a genie from a bottle granting all your wishes. In many hues of purples, blues, and greens, this ornate foyer table is a mesmerizing piece. Lots of patina texturing on the wood surface with metallic gilding for a dramatic look. More beautiful than sea glass with its intricate details and brilliant colors, this entryway table will stop you in your tracks.

The carved scallop design on the front with scrollwork trailing on the bottom sides gives it a unique body that is heavily carved with designs throughout. The top is a shimmering, metallic turquoise. Comes as a set with an antique, wood-framed mirror painted in matching metallic colors. Greet your guests with an artistically crafted masterpiece in functional art.

Size: Height: 31.5 inches; Width: 42 inches; Depth: 18.4 inches


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