Grand and majestic, french blue, bombay dresser with gold details and floral design. This resplendent dresser is a statement piece of palatial beauty. Have the palatial luxury of Versaille and other palaces in your home. Framed drawn cameos in the center with a whimsical pearly harlequin pattern on the top drawers.

The surface of the bomber dresser has a faux crackle texture that is smooth but adds extra depth. The bottom has a soft floral design that makes the chest feminine and delicate. The sides have striping along the curved surface. The top has an artistically created marble top that is more beautiful than real marble. Extremely detailed, you won’t find high-end designer furniture like this anywhere else crafted to be one of a kind. Two large and ample drawers for storage and gold hardware.

You don’t need to own a chateau to feel like royalty when you have decadent furniture like this surrounding you.



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