Shipping furniture can seem scary and daunting. It is hard to take the leap of faith handing over your furniture to a stranger, Questions come to mind like what if it gets damaged? How much does it cost to ship furniture? How do I charge for shipping? Is it worth it to ship furniture for my business? If you want to reach a national customer base, it is absolutely essential for you to ship your furniture for sale. 

  • You get more money.
  • You can create more diverse furniture.
  • No longer rely on your local market.
  • Do not have to compete with other local furniture flippers.
  • Build a brand
  • Get more sales

In this guide, you will learn everything there is to know about shipping furniture. Avoid costly mistakes by trying to figure it out yourself. Start shipping like a pro. Get more money for your hardwork.

12 pages of comprehensive information and bonus video!

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