Vintage jewelry chest that has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind piece featuring luna moths and purple/pink florals. The body is a mint green metallic that has a satin sheen and opalescent blues, gold, and purplish hues. The front doors have a luna moth and hibiscus flower design, giving it a stained glass effect that’s sealed with resin for a mirror glass finish.

The interior of the doors has hooks that you can hang your necklaces on so they don’t become tangled. The from drawer is the same and provides ample storage. The interior drawers are lined with dark green velvet with specialized compartments for all kinds of jewelry. The sides have pink and purple roses with gold script. Luna moths represent rebirth, renewal of body and spirit, regeneration and may even symbolize the soul itself. The ethereal beauty of luna moths has been captured to create a gorgeous jewelry chest that will be as special as the jewelry you own. It’s a sturdy chest that will be an eye-catching piece in any home.

Size: Length: 18.25 Inches; Width: 14.75 Inches; Height: 38 Inches


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