Mermaid Dresser with Mirror


Mermaid/ Art/ Sea/ Ocean/ Painting/ Impressionist/ Antique Dresser with Mirror


Soulful, artistically painted dresser with mirror of a haunting scene. She is undergoing a transformation, not quite a mermaid but not quite human either. Her legs are still in metamorphosis. She doesn’t belong in the sea or on land. She doesn’t belong anywhere. She’s caught in between being herself and wanting to be something other. The rain lashes her skin. The storm voices its anger. She cannot cry out because she’s given her voice away in exchange for becoming something she thought was better then what she originally was. She is alone and can do nothing but face the decision she has made. Face the consequences of leaving her past behind. She must learn how to be someone new. It will be painful, each step will be more painful then anything she’s ever experienced before. She will be a stranger in a strange land. She will have to adapt, observe, have courage even when all she feels is fear to stand her own amongst those who would laugh at her awkwardness, her inexperience, and her naïveté. This is what she chose and she must see it through. Beveled 3 pane ornate mirror that can detach from the dresser. Top is stained a dark walnut. There are 3 wide and deep drawers. Mercury glass knobs and antique brass pulls. Escutcheons painted with patina. The sides have gold script with dripping patina glaze. This evocative dresser is a functional piece of art that will captivate your imagination.

72 H x 44.25 W x 18.25 D


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