SOLD Moulin Rouge Vanity with Chair


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This sexy siren is a rich, deep, red vanity with rose and dark floral design. Like a pair of stilettos, the seductive mystery of it draws you into a romantic and sultry dream. The perfect addition to any ladies dressing room, it has a 3 paned mirror to show off your most glamorous self. 4 drawers provide storage room for your beauty products and other necessities. Antique castor wheels on the legs make it easy to move about. The desk top is painted black. A lovely floral design is on the inlays. The sides of the vanity show the silhouette of a woman holding a rose. It comes with a black, velvet, upholstered, tufted chair. It’s a sophisticated desk for a woman who loves drama, passion, and romance. You’ll find yourself thinking of love looking at this dramatic makeup/ dressing table.


16.25 D x 40 W x 32 H


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