Magical, ornate, bombe wardrobe in resplendent silver and blue. The curvaceous shape and rococo details make this a rare find. Like Cinderella at the ball, it has been transformed to be fit for any queen. Like a ray of moonlight, it glows with soothing air. The bottom sides have silver striping and the top sides feature a pearly damask pattern made of luxurious glass beads. The bottom drawer is wide and ample while the top drawer is more shallow and wide. The doors have mercury glass panes.

Within are three drawers with divided compartments and cubbies above for organization and storage. It is a mauve pink with a floral court design in the middle of the drawers. You will feel like your bedroom is a palace in Versaille with this grand beauty. Unlike any other armoire you will ever find, it is glamourous, opulent, elegant, and timeless. An heirloom piece that will delight any lucky owner. It is a signature piece that is made of the stuff of dreams.

70″ H x 46″ W x 23″ D


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