Fabulous steampunk jewelry armoire with rusty patina, and mechanical details. This jewelry holder is full of details from every inch. It has a textured surface for a grungy, industrial finish. Cogs, butterflies, clock, and bolts are just some of the details you will find on this jewelry chest. Some feminine touches here soften the heavy industrial feel. It has all the lovely shades of yellow, orange, red, and brass rust for a complex color palette that will have you mesmerized. It’s edgy without being vulgar and is something that you would find in a penny dreadful story.

Make all of your fantasy dreams of a steampunk home come true with this dramatic jewelry armoire that is functional as well featuring hunter-green velvet-lined compartments that have special areas to hold rings, brooches, pins, earrings, hooks for necklaces, and other fine jewelry. Two doors on either side feature hooks for keeping your necklaces untangled, the top flips open with a mirror underneath and specially designed holders for rings so you can see them sparkle and shine. There are 7 drawers to hold your jewelry and other finery. It will transport you to an industrial era full of romantic, victorian adventure.

Size: Length: 12.5 Inches; Width: 16.5 Inches; Height: 39 Inches


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