Steampunk Trunk/Pirate Chest




This antique chest or trunk has been transformed into the ultimate steampunk and pirate chest. It has been treated with patina and rust to give it a shipwrecked look straight from the pirates of the Caribbean. Once full of valuable loot from Davy Jones’ Flying Dutchman, it has been washed ashore after spending a century undersea.

Made out of wood and metal, it has silver buckles and a raised floral pattern painted in copper with an aged patina effect. There are three clasps in the front and a vintage, heavy metal lock with two skeleton keys, which will prevent your loot from being stolen. Steampunk gears and Gothic top hat skulls decorate the surface for a truly eclectic vibe.

This trunk is the perfect addition to any nautical theme. It would be perfect for a pirate nursery or child’s room. Full of character, it’s practical as well for spacious storage needs. Take home this one-of-a-kind chest and make sure your treasures are safe from thieves.

32.5W x 16.5D x 20.25H

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