When I first read a novel about the tragic heroine Odette inspired by the ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, it captured my imagination. Like all fairytales, the heroine is under an enchantment which she must break free of by finding true love. Under the spell, she is trapped as a swan forever except for a few hours each night. Swans mate for life, so the symbology of them in the fairytale is conducive to Odette being transformed into a swan. The elegance of ballerinas pairs perfectly with the beauty of swans whose long necks craned and face to face, create a heart. They are romantic symbols of grace and beauty.

This foyer table has hand carved swans and flowers surrounded by leaves. It has been painted a silvery-blue with pearlescent tones. The swans are pearl white and the flowers have been gilded with a almost lavender metallic. Every inch of this entryway table has been detailed with texture and metallics. It has three small drawers. The matching mirror also has hand carved swans and flowers with scrolls. It has been painted to match the table perfectly. It has s-shaped clawfoot legs on the front. The top has been given an artistic marbling. This Foyer table represents Grace, Elegance, and Feminine Beauty.


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