Hand-painted, one-of-a-kind art into a functional side table. Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s painting, “Freya’s Tears,” this curvy, bombe table is an homage to the art nouveau movement. Painted in metallics to create a turquoise haze, gold leaf is used all over the body. Freya is the goddess of beauty, fertility, and love. As the most important goddess of Norse mythology, she represents the bounty of spring, the warm presence of love, and the shamelessness of sharing oneself with full vulnerability.

Similar to Aphrodite, the goddess of love in Greek mythology and irresistible as Helen of Troy, she is the archetype of desire, longing, and the need to be loved. According to legend, Freya will travel the world searching for her lover Óðr when he goes traipsing around on long journeys, inexplicably leaving Freyja behind. She will assume different names and embody different aspects of herself as she searches for her love. She weeps tears of gold in her sadness at being abandoned by her true love.

This accent table has two drawers for storage needs. The top is a smoky black with iridescent blues. You’ll find yourself unable to take your eyes off this end table, melting into Freya’s gold tears.

Size: Height: 30.5 inches; Width: 28.5 inches; Depth: 16.5 inches


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