Wise Owl Varnish is unlike any other water-based topcoat. Their varnish formula is truly revolutionary. They utilize a crystal-clear resin to yield serious protection that will not yellow or discolor whites due to the crystal clear technology. Their Varnish provides industrial-grade strength suitable for cabinets and high traffic areas.

-Crystal clear
-Serious protection

This finish is best suited for heavy traffic areas or outdoor use. Most cabinet applications require a durable topcoat because of their heavy use and our Varnish can withstand heavy wear and tear. Many topcoats can yellow over time so using our Matte Varnish will ensure you will not have yellowing or discoloring. You may apply our Varnish over dried paint with a Cling On flat brush for the smoothest finish. The matte finish will preserve the flat finish of the paint but you may choose our Satin Varnish if more luster is desired.


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