A majestic blend of purples, pinks, coral, and orange create a dreamy landscape for the design on the front drawers of a woman in a yellow dress poised on a lavish bed. Her back is turned toward us and you can only see the side of her face creating a mysterious story about luxury and bourgeoise life. A wealthy woman posing for her lover perhaps?

A vintage highboy on trumpet legs and a crossed-shaped stretcher that elevates the body to give it a balanced-shaped structure. There are seven drawers with vintage crystal knobs. Lace fretwork embellishes the top of the bottom drawers. Damask designs in gold float elegantly on the sides over the beautifully blended pinks and purples. Refined, elegant, mysterious, bold, colorful, whimsical, and vibrant highboy dresser that will have you catching your breath when you glance at it. It will bring joy and beauty to any bedroom needing a special statement piece.

56 H x 36 W x 19 D


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