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What is Boho Furniture

Bohemian Furniture

What is boho or bohemian furniture and style? Bohemian furniture is unconventional. It doesn’t adhere to rules or the standards of design. The furniture is often vintage or antique. Not something you would buy new at a furniture store. It doesn’t adhere to modern concepts. It’s about taking something old and turning it into something new that is the opposite of the furniture style. An example is rococo furniture painted in a myriad of bright colors that aren’t the norm historically. Designing a room, it is about using antique and vintage furniture with other types of styles such as exotic pillows on a Victorian bed, a rattan chair with a Moroccan throw, mixing elements to create an unexpected design.

Artistic furniture is boho. If it has something that makes it one of a kind then it is boho. When I create my furniture pieces, I am looking to do a unique design that nobody else has done. There are many ways to make the furniture unique using stencils, moulds, transfers, and many other products. This is why I love the Redesign with Prima products as it allows me to use many different elements on my furniture. I also love mixing paint colors for contrast or a blended look. I love all kinds of patterns whether it be more modern or old like damask. For my home, I love different colors of furniture together in a room with bold decor. I want something warm and inviting that makes you want to sit down and relax. I like it to feel lived in and with my children, that’s never a problem.

Urban or Modern boho is an updated version of the design style that uses modern decor or furniture and pairs it with a burst of color and pattern. It often uses colorful pillows, macramé, rattan, plants, and interesting textiles with modern or vintage furniture and retro styles. Midcentury Modern Furniture has become extremely popular with boho interior designs. The use of clean lines and natural elements along with pops of color is the new trend. For a modern boho home use leather, modern furniture, a minimal palette of colors, a bold pattern contrasted with something plain, vintage furniture, statement walls with bold wallpaper along surrounded by plain walls creating a feature, incorporate natural wood in the room, baskets are becoming popular as boho storage, rattan chairs, different textiles from around the world, wicker or rattan furniture which is typically used as porch and outdoor furniture now and back in the day. A lot of natural elements paired with modern elements like metal or concrete. Lots of plants seems to be the boho staple.

Whether your style is more of the eclectic boho or more modern, it’s fun being able to pull all kinds of elements into a furniture design and interior design without being restricted by rules. I like dabbling into many styles and making them my own. I have done more modern styles, coastal, to the more is more concept. I love color and it helps me therapeutically. There is nothing I won’t try. Life is meant to be lived freely. Experimenting with various mediums and patterns is fun. If you don’t try, how will you ever know?