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Mardi Gras Furniture and Decor

Today is Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras where extravagant celebrations are held before the 40 days of abstinence during Lent. Originating from Christianity, it’s become more of a day for partying and festivity. It’s about extravagance, indulgence, gluttony, and debauchery like the last hoorah before you are married. Festive colors are displayed, there’s parades, feasting, parties, and all kinds of revelry. This year the festivities will be more subdued but there’s no reason not to show off all the purples, yellows, greens and other bold colors with costumes. Here are some of my carnevale inspired decor and furniture.

Masks are worn especially in the Venetian Carnival to hide one’s identity as you commit acts of debauchery and gluttony. It’s also to free one of all inhibition with the mask of anonymity. I created these masked ballroom and carnevale masks using Re-design with Prima moulds. I filled the moulds with resin and modeling material then glued them on using e6000. I painted them using Modern Master’s metallics and also added decor waxes to further highlight the mouldings.

I’m often inspired by colors and I have a few pieces with carnival glass like finishes and color schemes. I used Modern Master’s metallics and Re-design with Prima decor waxes. For video tutorials on the finishes, visit my Facebook page.