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Sultry and seductive with her red dress and black heels, romance is aflame with this rococo desk. I love this design inspired by a piece of furniture I saw in a palace. The original had actual inlay scroll work but I used the Elegant Scrolls stamp to recreate it in my own way. I love my dramatic furniture pieces and this one definitely is swoon-worthy. She’s meant to be the center of attention in a room with her 360 degrees detailing. It took me 3 years to find another one of these desks and well worth the wait. The finish reminds me of rich brocade which you can’t resist touching. It has a satin finish with just enough shine for this femme fatale. There are 5 drawers with pulls. It has a kidney shape with curves for days. Delicate and ornate at the same time, it’s a rare find.

30.5 H x 42.5 W x 21 D


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