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Sharon R.

OMG just when I thought it was not possible to surpass anything you have created before, you pull this one out of your magician’s hat! 😍 I absolutely adore this table! This masterpiece is the kind of specimen that inspires me so much! A union of colours that so effortlessly glide together like gentle waves kissing the sand on the shore. It could easily be mistaken for being iridescent. This is the epitome of perfection!

Kathy C.

Wow Crystin!!! You’ve done it again. These are spectacular.

As seen in Conde Nast’s ‘Traveller’ and ‘House & Garden’

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An artist propelled by the urge to create furniture for creative expression and practical use. Furniture and decor are what make our homes inhabited while reflecting our personal aesthetic. It can create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort or dynamism. I want to create original pieces that only you own and aren’t mass-produced so that you can make your home truly unique. I believe in creating imaginative furniture that reflects passion, emotion, and feeling. Each piece is evocative and has its own unique story. I don’t want to just paint furniture, I want it to come alive. Follow my social media platforms to keep up to date with my latest creations.

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