Stunning bronze, antique secretary desk with a hutch for extra store and shelving. It has been painted a brass to bronze metallic color with a satin sheen. It looks almost honey-gold in bright sunlight and a dark bronze in the lowlight. It’s a luminous piece that will bring glamor into any room.

The lovely design of birds flitting amongst cherry blossom branches creates a peaceful, idyllic theme. The flowers have been painted rose gold and the birds are bronze and a metallic blue. The branches also climb up the front of the hutch doors and sides. The lid flips down to serve as a desktop from which you can write on your stationery or set your laptop. It is slightly elevated because of the appliqués in the front but not in a way that affects functionality as a pull-out desk surface.

The interior of the desktop has special compartments for organization such as placing your envelopes and other office materials. It’s extremely sturdy because of its solid wood structure. The bottom is a cabinet that has two swinging doors with a pop of blue, that open to a space for storage. There is one shelf that is included for the cabinet space. The sides have been embellished with flower appliqués.

The hutch on top is tall and serves as extra shelving for holding your books or any other type of items. There are three shelves for the hutch that are included. Little wooden dowels on the sides allow you to adjust the height of the shelves. This functional and yet artistic secretary hutch will be a timeless treasure to own.

Top dimensions: 31.25 W x 11.75 D x 44 H

Bottom Desk dimensions: 26.5 W x 17 D x 38.25 H


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